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Dinasti Kreatif Indonesia is the creative holding company of micro and small-medium-based food and beverage businesses that has developed rapidly in Indonesia, starting in 2018.

Through good management and professional industrial control, Dinasti Kreatif Indonesia as a holding company that wants to develop a business sector that can synergize one business unit with another business, through the creative business of the nation’s generation.

Sustainable Growth Dinasti Kreatif Indonesia is committed to contribute to the Nation’s economic growth and development. We have taken concrete actions to revamp our sustainability policies and business practices and take our strengths in the creative sector for the benefit of the community in Indonesia.


Our Mission

Provide solutions to build prosperity for all people and build a better future for the Indonesian economy. To become multinational company in Creative Industry with a strong widespread distribution network

To Become the Biggest F&B Distribution Supply Chain and entertainment channel with serving the best experience through Quality product for every costumers. Establish integrated creative business professionally as a national creative company.

Our Vision 

Our Brands

Dinasti Entertainment

Dinasti Entertainment was founded in 2019, we are creative and strategic advisors to media and entertainment companies. our objective is to conceive, explore, and execute all possibilities for our clients to optimize their brand awareness, market position, and creative assets. we connect our clients to the world of content creators, media financing, distribution and brands, buzzers, and much more resulting in mutually successful and profitable partnerships. we work in all areas of entertainment creative production including: film, television, music, digital platform, social media, and events.

Teguk Indonesia

Along with the development of the emergence of various beverage brands in Indonesia, TEGUK has been present in the community since 2018 as a pioneer of the Food and Beverage business, which focuses on selling a variety of contemporary drinks that are in demand both locally and internationally at affordable prices for all with the tagline “Luxury Drinks Not Need Expensive “(deligtht consumer (product, price, quality)

Ayam Gebug Tikungan

The culinary business is a business that has good potential in Indonesia and food is the most important part of human life, without eating humans cannot live. Therefore humans need food every day. In the Pandemic era, many things were restricted for us to do, stay at home, physical distancing and large-scale social restrictions. But that does not mean we are prohibited from enjoying favorite foods, especially chicken, why chicken, because chicken is the favorite menu of all Indonesians.

Dinasti Kopi

Indonesia is undergoing a creative trend that has developed rapidly in recent years. Likewise with the Indonesian Creative Dynasty which always responds to the latest creative developments with strategic solutions. Coffee is an attractive choice to serve as a business sector that intersects with the creative world. Therefore, Dinasti Kopi is here to become a creative business unit that leads the community with the concept of “coffee shop and roastery”.


SAYURRUN is a modern online shopping platform that carries the concept of farm to table that makes it easy for people to get fresh ingredients and healthy quality products directly from farmers and local Indonesian producers.

Bonju Indonesia

Bonju Indonesia Mas is a specialist Indonesian traditional culinary company that was founded in 2014, with a strong determination to make our company the pioneer of the best traditional culinary producers in Indonesia.

Royal Xifu

ROYAL XIFU came from boba drink lovers and special flavor variants, through local creativity and strong beverage brands, so that it was liked by all Indonesian people, then created Royal Xifu with a unique taste of drinks that can increase passion and moodbooster.

Cita Pangan

PT Cita Pangan Nusantara Berkah was founded in 2019, we produce food and beverages. We’re committed to providing high quality products in accordance with CPPOB at affordable prices. We’re committed to providing the finest ingredients, operational knowledge, and uncompromised support to foodservice operations.We always think creative and innovative. We’re in the business of helping your business succeed.